About me

I'm Beth and I'm a registered, fully insured yoga teacher with 12 years of yoga teaching experience. I am passionate about making yoga accessible, fun and inspiring for as many people as possible. Community is always at the heart.

Whilst living in California, I trained in Los Angeles at Liberation Yoga Studio, with the most inspiring, playful teachers I have had the pleasure of encountering. I was drawn in by the eloquence of anusara yoga, the playfulness of vinyasa flow, the discipline of Iyengar. I was lucky to be able to experience all of these styles and in doing so, hone my own style. I teach with passion. I believe in community. I believe in interacting with those around us. Most of all, I believe in being a kind human being - and from what I've been told, this is apparent in my classes. I am a teacher at heart - of children, of french, of yoga, but what inspires me the most is that I can never stop learning. Every day I try to learn something new and in doing so, can wake up each morning feeling excited for what may come next. I love learning from other teachers and consistently work on my knowledge to deliver safe, informative classes, but I also expand my sources of inspiration so that I may teach with a light playful heart. 

Don't be afraid to come and try your first class - we've all been there once. We all had to start somewhere!

I offer small group and private mentoring for yoga teachers wishing to delve deeper into their teaching practice. As a senior teacher registered with the IYN, I offer CPD's and teacher trainings in additional to regular group classes.








What people are saying:


“Beth’s Wednesday evening class is brilliant. It's always fun and relaxing, but also varied and a fab opportunity to learn.” RF


"Beth is exceptionally good at varying the content of each session, which keeps everyone interested. Her instructions are clear and she provides variations for all levels." RM

"Beth is an amazing teacher. She knows how to bring a group with different levels higher together. Her class is complete and progressive. You'll find what you need as a beginner or advanced practitioner to improve and have fun at the same time.
If you are looking for an inspiring happy class to grow just give it a try!" Mathieu


"I love Beth's yoga classes. I always leave feeling grounded and in a good place. Her classes are fun, down to earth and cater to the needs of everyone in the room" Lexi


"Being a large guy and new to yoga, I really appreciated Beth's approach to her level 1 class. I felt safe, supported and at ease. It did not matter that I didn't know what I was doing as I was guided through and given alternatives when it was too hard" SP


"My flexibility has improved drastically since taking class with Beth. It doesn't happen overnight, but she encourages you to keep on showing up. I'm so glad I did, because the results are amazing. I am much happier, and less likely to snap at my wife these days!" Matt


Taking a Yoga class led by Beth Peak is a truly wonderful experience.  Her classes that I have had the pleasure of attending are composed of a great balance between challenging poses, that are both rooted in strength and flexibility, and the calming aura that she exudes on and off the mat.  I've also popped my head into her children's yoga classes which look like marvelous fun and I am often tempted to offer to babysit my friends' children to be able to take part!  Jennifer Yano -Yogi for 6 years and counting