Why have private tuition?

Practise yoga in the comfort of your own home or workplace with specifically designed sessions to cater to your body and needs. If you are dealing with injuries, illness or getting back into physical fitness, a private session can be a great place to start before attending group classes. For those wanting regular 1:1 sessions in the home, please get in contact for an initial consultation and to discuss availability. I am a senior yoga teacher with 15 years of teaching experience.

Private yoga classes in Cobham, Guildford, Godalming, Farnham and Cranleigh. Other areas may be possible depending on my availability. Zoom yoga 1:1 is also possible and has worked very well, both during lockdown and beyond. 

Small group private yoga sessions are a great way of getting  personalised instrucion in a small group setting with your friends, so get in touch today so see what we can set up.