All bookings for zoom are available on the home page. There are class passes or single drop in classes available for yoga, pilates and fitness. Please message me for in person spaces.


Accessible classes for all levels - Wed 6pm QEP Guildford, Tues 6pm Cranleigh Arts Centre - pre book only.


Vinyasa strength classes for seasoned practitioners (zoom hybrid/ in person block book) Wed 7:30pm, Sun 6pm


 Fiery Flow classes for advanced vinyasa practice - Friday nights, Guildford


Expert knowledge for teacher trainees - CPD's and workshops


Some classes are still happening on Zoom. We have a lovely online community, so do come and join us for some interactive and live classes, where you'll feel as close to being in the room as possible.

New classes will be starting at the Cranleigh Arts centre soon. Message for info.